Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ice Ice and More Ice

Today we got to do something that was so amazingly incredible that I will never be able to forget it. We climbed and walked across the biggest Glacier in Europe.

We started the day off earlier than usual so we could get on the bus to the glacier in time. When we got to the little shack with the equipment and such we all were sized for our crampons. Crampons are a base layer for your boots that have spikes all along the bottom that help you walk on the ice without slipping every step. Then we got on the bus and had a quick five minute ride to the glacier entry point. Then when we got on the ice we had a quick lesson about how to walk like a duck to climb up and walk like an old man to walk down. We all got used to walking in them pretty fast, until one of mine slipped off and I fell straight on my butt. Good thing there was an instructor right behind me to help me up and put it back on. That was pretty much the only thing bad that happened to me while on the glacier (surprisingly).

The hike on the glacier was tough at the start but once you got used to the crampons on your feet it became real easy. And the view may have helped me get over the fact that we were exercising.

We stopped for a quick lunch on the glacier so we could get some energy in our system. Then after that Erika had a brilliant idea to have a 15 minute meditation time to our selves where we sit by our selves away from each other some where on the glacier and just reflect. I loved that time because it was so relaxing and it made me realize how fortunate I was to be on this trip. I also loved the energy that I felt from the mountains around us, it just put me in a positive mood.

Then when we finished the day off with some nice editing time where Gion Luca got to look through our pictures and give us some advice. 

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