Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's Cold Right Now.

Yay for today the moving day. Today we woke up bright and early so we could start our real quest across Iceland. Packing of course was a struggle but I got everything. . . I think. Thanks to our bus driver, we were able to stop at the best picture locations along the way.

The first stop was a lake that I can't remember the name to sadly, but it was still beautiful.

The second stop was a nice picnic style meal with the best scenery possible.

Then we headed to these cool geysers which I have never seen one before so that was a cool experience.

P.S. I might have an obsession with babies now...

Then we ended our day off with seeing the most amazing waterfall where we all got such amazing pictures.

We arrived at our beautiful hostel that we would spend just one night in and had an amazing dish.

Of course all that wasn't enough for me, so I satisfied myself by walking to a horse farm near by with our photographer Gion Luca.

Goodnight from here in Iceland!

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