Monday, June 23, 2014

Scavenger Hunts and Naps

Today we arrived in hofh after a 7 hour bus ride. Our bus rides aren't that bad mainly because we all just fall asleep or eat the whole way. And for those who run out of food while on the bus, we make hourly gas station stops so its an infinite amount. Hofh is a very quite town from what i've seen. But I like it alot. We had lunch at a cool little shack just next to the harbor where I got to try an icelandic hot dog for the first time!
A few of us ate in the median of two streets because the view was beautiful and it was such perfect weather as always. When we finished our lunches our leaders sent us off in groups of 4 to do a picture scavenger hunt around hofh. Our group was smart and asked the place we ate lunch at for a map and directions to where the first place was. When we got to the first place which was a post office, we realized that everything we needed was on that one street we were on so we just finishes it all within 30 minutes. We still had time to kill in Hofh while we were in our groups but my group decided we were all tired and we found a nice hill next to our hostel and we each took a 2 hour nap right on that hill. We even had a few joiners from other groups that finished early. 

We finished off the night with an amzing lobster meal made by Tota.  

We added the ice cream of course.

A few of us were up late that night editing all of our pictures and I noticed there was an actual sunset. So I ran and got my camera along with my tripod and sprinted out the door before anyone knew what I was doing. I sprinted to the top of the hill where we took our naps and set everything up but by the time I had everything perfect, I realized I left my SD card in my computer. So I sprinted back down the hill, well actually I slid down it because I slipped at the top and just tumbled down. I got my SD card and went back to my set up and got some amazing shots because we were right next to a golf course so I just walked along it and down towards some water and the reflection was priceless. 

Then I finally got back in and I was too tired to do anything else so I just fell asleep right away. 

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