Thursday, June 19, 2014

Magnus the Viking

The time came to where we had to give up the comfort of the hostels with nice rooms, bathrooms in our room, and heaters that keep us warm at night. We headed off to the camp sight with a long bus ride that included many stops.

The first stop was a huge waterfall called Fimmvörduháls.

Then we made a stop by the most amazing landscape views to take pictures of and walked along the black sand beach to get the best of pictures. We even got pictures of puffins that we found which are cute birds that no one is guaranteed to see while they are in Iceland.


After we ate our amazing lunch (as always) made by our cook Tota, we had a long 2 hour drive to the camp sight which made a good time for a nice nap. We got to the camp sight and first thing we did was set up our tents. I didn’t really know how to do this so I just winged it and copied the people next to us, but it all worked out.

While I was walking to the showers I heard this man playing the most beautiful music on the accordion while he sang along to it. And then while I was on the way back from the showers he was playing the guitar and singing and it sounded so perfect. So when I got back to the camp I told Peter (one of our leaders) about him, and he said I know! We already invited him and his family over for dinner! So that made me even more excited because now we were gonna have the best pasta dinner made by Tota and also a mini concert viking style.

So when the family came over I instantly started talking to them and I couldn't stop staring at their kids who were the most beautiful children. So I began to really like this family and I got so many pictures of them that I will share with them through their emails later. I really liked being able to talk to Magnus (the viking dad) Annika (the german mom) and their two kids Richard and Mia. But then the concert started and I loved it even more. You would not expect such beautiful music out of this 6 7” man that looks like a literal viking. I loved it so much me and Brianna even started dancing instead of photographic for a few songs. Learning about their family made me so interested to learn even more about people here from Iceland because they are all so nice and they are all so independent and no one minds who you want to be.

So even after all that, I couldn't just go to bed. I looked up when they left and I saw the most beautiful sky and I found out that our photographer was taking us out to do a time lapse. A time lapse is a series of photos taken over a long period of time put together in a 10 second video that shows the movement and change happening in the sky. I had never done this before so it was so exciting to learn how to.

Now it was officially time for me to go to bed after this long yet successful day.

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